SuperFly Coaching 

Have you tried to go it on your own? Navigating the ins and outs of training – no matter your race, no matter your goals – is a challenge.

All athletes experience ups and downs. We have personal and work issues that interfere with our best intentions. An old injury may rear its head. Our goals may change. We may struggle with motivation.

Our experienced coaches are uniquely qualified to recognize your skills while addressing your weaknesses. Our coaches have already helped athletes, like you, to reach their goals. Let us help you. Whether you’re attempting to release pounds or shave off a few seconds, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our coaching plans are like our clients… no two are alike!  Once you choose the service level that works best for you, your coach will begin to develop your customized plan.  

The SpreadThe CheeseThe Jam
Monthly Fee$149*$250*350*
*Start up fee$100**None**None**
Monthly Phone ConsultsnoneMonthlyas needed
TBC Athlete Camps***Discounted1 included2 included
Strength ProgramoptionalDiscountedIncluded
Nutritional consultsNoneDiscounted2x/yr
Data ReviewRaces only2 x monthlyReviewed as needed
Minimum commitment6 mo.3 mo.None
*Prices may vary per coach
**the start up fee goes towards the initial time your coach will spend with you to get everything right for your training. Because we do not have a stock plan for our personal coached athletes, several hours of back and forth will take place to get you dialed in.
***Included camps will be identified annually.

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