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Active Lifestylez is your simple daily and race day nutritional mentor. If you are struggling to get to race weight, or just look and feel the way you want to be able to feel and perform your best - Active Lifestylez can help!

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Infinit makes CUSTOM BLENDS to fit your race day and nutritional needs. Use this link to use one of our formulated proven blends, or create your own and receive 20% off!

Geneva Running Outfitters takes the time to get to understand you as an athlete and what shoes you need to perform your best. Eric Ott, former ITU professional athlete completely understands the unique challenges triathletes and runners face. Everyone on their staff are enthusiasts, and athletes themselves. 

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From Eyeglasses to the best wetsuits in the industry Roka has you covered! 

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Huma harnesses the all natural power of chia seeds to keep your energy up all day long! We work hard to make sure we live and eat healthy. So much of our time is spent training and racing. What you put in your body then matters too!

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