Part 2 of our interview with Joe Friel, Tips on staying motivated for training, and How do you know when you are a triathlete

On today's show, Adam and Scott finish their interview with Joe Friel.  We help with keeping training motivation high, and discuss things that make you a triathlete.

Joe Friel takes your questions about training, racing and nutrition in the first part of our two part interview.

On this weeks show, we interview best selling endurance author, coach, and co-founder of TrainingBible coaching Joe Friel . We take audience questions in part 1.

Creating a well balanced race schedule, Using cadence to improve your running, Interview with Kona qualifier Jay Druml

On today's show, Scott and Adam give direction on how to set an effective race schedule to fit your needs as an athlete, also we talk about  how to focus on cadence to improve your run training.  Lastly, we have an interview with 2-time Kona qualifier, Jay Druml who set an Ironman PR less than 12 months after major back surgery!!!

How to build your training foundation, establishing your training zones, and resolve not to resolve!!

On the first show of the new year, Adam and Scott discuss the why's and how's of base training, how to establish your training zones, and simple goal setting.  Plus we are giving away $500 to start the new year off right!!