How do elite Kenyan runners train, nail your long run, benefits of brick workouts, AND come join train with Ryan and one of his elite runners on 6/29-7/1

Today, we interview TBC elite coach and former Olympian Ryan Bolton.  We talk about key long run sessions and benefits of doing brick workouts.  We also give away a discount code for Ryan's June 29-July 1 Lecture and Run clinic in Chicago.  Please email us for details!!

Our thoughts on Qualification Part 1, final TTT race report, and a chance to train with TBC elite coach Ryan Bolton

On today's show Scott and Adam discuss part one of our thoughts on qualification for world championship races and what we feel athletes should need to be ready to do.  Also, we finalize our trip experiences to the American Triple T triathlon, and we have Ryan Bolton coming to Chicago, find out how you can train with him and his elite Kenyan runners!

American Triple T show special

On today's show, Scott and Adam are joined by TrainingBible Elite coach Carla Hastert and we discuss American Triple-T weekend.  Sorry guys, this isn't edited very well, but we hope you enjoy!!

Run workouts to improve your race pacing, how to determine your goal wattages on the bike, St. Croix 70.3 race report

On today's show Scott and Adam discuss several run workouts that you can do to improve your pacing during a race. We also highlight ways that you can determine an appropriate wattage range to race under. Lastly, Adam reports on his experiences racing Lance down in St. Croix.

Training Specificity with Jim Vance, common mistakes of age group athletes, tell us your KEY workouts!!

On today's show we talk with Training Bible Elite coach Jim Vance about many training topics including training specificity.  We also have a new contest, tell us your KEY workouts!!