What Makes the Big Island Bike Course Different From All the Rest?

I've been to the Big Island several times. Although the bike course is not rated as difficult as some of the other Ironman courses, when you ask a finisher who's just battled the heat, humidity and terrific winds, they may differ with that assessment. A lot. The Kona Athlete Guide notes " 'Challenging' and 'inspiring' are terms often used to describe th...

What’s New About the All-New Triathlete’s Training Bible, 4th Edition

The following is a list of the biggest changes in the All-New Triathlete’s Training Bible . It really is “all new.” That’s not just a marketing ploy. The only thing that stayed about the same was the chapter topics. But even that changed a little. Writing it took me a year and half. That’s because it is almost twice the size of the original going from...

Introducing Team Superfly, where to start after a LONG break

On today's show, Iott and Zucco chat about  where to pick up after a long hiatus from training, we also introduce  Team SuperFly.

My First Blog

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Super Fly Coaching

Kona 2016 and return of don't be that guy!

On today's show, Iott and Zucco preview and discuss the Ironman World Championships on the island of Kona.  We also return a popular segment, Don't be that guy!