Midsole cleat position, cadence

On today's show, author and coach, Jim Vance sits in for Iott.  Vance and Zucco discuss positives and negatives of a midsole cleat position for bike shoes.  They also revisit the cadence debate.

Update - sorry its been awhile.

I haven’t written a blog with an update for some time for a few reasons. In an attempt at full disclosure here are the reasons: 1. I’ve been super busy. I’ve really poured myself into some new clients this summer and it is exciting to see them having awesome results. 2. I’m not trying as much but I am doing a TON of PT. I try to ...

Cold water swimming tips, and the great cycling cadence debate

On today's show, Iott and Zucco discuss things to think about when training or racing in cold water.  We also revisit the debate between low and high RPM when cycling.