Functional Medicine and health optimization 


Tanya Zucco, a board-certified and Hopkins-trained physician assistant and Advanced Functional Medicine Practitioner, is an expert in high-performance health and hormone optimization. With a keen understanding of how to optimize physical performance through a holistic approach, Tanya has dedicated her career to helping others achieve their best selves.

As an elite athlete herself, Tanya understands firsthand the importance of maintaining optimal health and wellness. Her personal achievements include winning her age group and qualifying for Kona at Ironman Wisconsin in 2016, and competing in Kona in 2017. With personal bests of 10:33 for Ironman, 4:41 for Half Ironman, and 2:09 for Olympic, Tanya has a deep understanding of the physical and mental demands of high-performance sports.

Tanya's passion for helping others achieve their best selves is rooted in her desire to empower women and athletes to unlock their full potential. With her expertise in functional medicine and hormone optimization, she helps her clients achieve their goals while staying healthy and strong. Tanya takes a personalized approach to each client's health journey, working with them to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses their unique needs and goals.

Tanya is a true leader in her field, with a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares with her clients and colleagues alike. Whether you are an ambitious athlete or simply looking to optimize your health and wellness, Tanya is dedicated to helping you achieve your best self.



blood / food sensitivity / gut / hormone / genetic

Functional medicine testing is important for athletes because it provides a more comprehensive understanding of their health and performance than traditional medical tests. For athletes, identifying and addressing these underlying imbalances is crucial to achieving peak performance.

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Personalized protocols

nutrition / supplements / functional medicine protocols

Nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and gut health issues can all impact energy levels, recovery time, and overall athletic performance. By identifying the unique imbalances an individual may have through functional medicine testing, athletes can get a personalized plan to address them and optimize their health and decrease injury risk.

performance optimization

personalized action plan based on lab results and goals

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By using the specialized functional medicine testing and personalized protocol with ongoing monitoring and review such as nutrient, metabolic, hormone, GI, and genetic testing and optimization, we can help you identify areas of your health that need improvement and what strengths and weakness are needed to be addressed to optimize your performance. 

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